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Welcome to Nexus Components

We are an ISO approved specialist distributor of electronic and electrical components and supplying high quality switches, keyboards joysticks, grips, control knobs, touch screens and solid state relays to the manufacturing sector.

Our flagship partners OTTO, Marquardt, Ruffy Joysticks, EHC, Sure Grip, Active Key, NKK, Zago, Elco CTI Electronics and CTS Rotary potentiometers share our own vision of first class service and top calibre electronic and electrical components.

Our company mission is to provide our customers with flawless solutions for the full life cycle of their end product. Working in close partnership with both our suppliers and our customers ensures that Nexus Components is always on hand to serve you in an expeditious manner, providing expert technical and commercial support when you require it.

With over 70 accumulative years of expertise in electronic and electrical components, we can work in partnership with you during the design phase of your project. Our commitment to customer service will then continue with our ‘just-in-time’ delivery systems – we support you from start to finish.

Joysticks from Ruffy Controls

Californian based Ruffy is a new innovator in the Joystick industry providing high quality products in the shortest possible lead times.

Keyboards from Active Key

German manufacturer Active Key offer an extensive keyboard range with keyboard solutions from office to industrial and medical.

Switches from Marquardt

German manufacturer Marquardt offer unrivalled quality in their vast switch range. From discreet micro switches, rocker switches, pushbutton switches, foot switches and key switches; whether you are looking for support on a new project, or looking for an alternative switch for your existing product, we can identify the right option for you.

Switches, Grips and Joysticks from OTTO

For more than 50 years as a manufacturer of ruggedized switches, grips and joysticks, Illinois-based OTTO are an acknowledged world leader in the design and production of high-performance control products. Offering a broad array of solutions for commercial, industrial and military applications, ‘OTTO Excellence’ is your ticket to high-reliability functionality, whatever the application.

Grips, Joystick Handles and Switches from Sure Grip

Canadian manufacturer of industrial control grips and joystick handles for the agricultural/construction heavy equipment industry. Products are supported by complementary electronics (driver boards) and accessories.

CTS Electrocomponents

CTS specialises in the manufacture of Potentiometers, DIP switches, Rotary Position Sensors, Rotary Selector Switches, Rotary Encoders Mini-Joysticks and is a global leader.

CTI Electronics

CTI Electronics are a world renowned manufacturer of rugged, high-reliability Keyboards, Mouse Pointers, Trackballs, Motion Controllers and Switches. Connecticut-based CTI are specialists in military, industrial, medical and commercial applications and are able to offer both off-the-shelf and fully customised solutions for your project. CTI Electronics offer unparalleled quality for when reliability is critical.

Switch Boots, sealing screws and sealing nuts from ZaGO

New Jersey based ZaGO offer advanced sealing products to protect and prolong the life cycle of electronic and electrical switches (toggle, pushbutton, rotary and rocker), circuit breakers and sealing components (screws and nuts) to survive the most demanding application environments.

Knobs and Handles from EHC

New York based EHC are world leaders in the design and manufacture of industrial knobs and handles, with markets ranging from aero, agriculture, medical, audio and broardcast. Off-the-shelf and custom designs are available for your application.

Switches from NKK

Japanese switch manufacturer NKK  offer modern display technology with their  ground  breaking OLED switches to compliment their already outstanding portfolio of rotary switches, membrane keypads and tact switches.

Reed Switches from Nexus

Magnetic sensor products including barrel version reed switches and EX approved reed switches for explosive environments, available exclusively from Nexus in the UK.

Relays from Elco

Italian electronic component manufacturer, Elco, specialise in the production of high quality solid state relays, timers, protection relays and temperature controllers. Our partnership with Elco brings an exciting range of products to the UK market, whether you are looking for a design-in solution or an alternative for an existing component.