AK-B44-T Details

A range of Professional Trackball Keyboards with 50 million operations - Great for harsh environments, offering a 10+ year life time cycle.

Active Key Industrial Keyboards are ideal for industrial & mobile use & the compact design is suitable for vehicle/outdoor applications.

• 16mm Trackball
• Custom Options
• Water/Dirt Resistant
• USB or PS/2 Interface

The Active Key AK-B44-TUV Keyboard feature tactile key switches, offering excellent actuation.


The Active KeyAK-B44-TUV keyboard series is a high quality high reliable keyboard, designed for use in rough environment and heavy use. Featuring mechanical key switches with Gold Cross Point Contacts, rated at 50 million operations per key, offering over 10 years life time at frequent use.

The Integrated trackball with 2 mouse buttons and large backlit characters are suitable for  use in dark rooms or outside. With black keycaps with backlit legends and a unique 2 shot and sublimated process (Patent pending) water resistant splash guard, providing tactile full
travel key switches with excellent actuation feeling

The compact design and dimensions with wide temperature ranges are ideal for use in cars and trucks with 8 level dimming function controlled by “Fn” + “0” – “7” keys or “Fn” Up/Down keys.


LED Backlighting of Every Keycap
Integrated Trackball
Brightness Control
50 Million Operations per Key
Tactile Full Travel Key Switches
Water Resistant
Dust and Dirt Resistant
Extended Temperature Range

Suitable Applications
In car and truck use
Industrial equipment control in rough environment
Outdoor data input
Data input in wet, cold, hot or dark rooms 


Length: 12.00"/304.80mm
Width: 7.75"/196.85mm
Depth: 0.95"/24.13mm to 1.26"/32.08mm


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard PS/2 Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse
LED Backlight:  All keys red, low current (for others colors please contact us)
Dimming Backlight: 8 levels
Water Resistance: Via splash guard (Mil Std 810 compliant from top side, key area)
Interface: PS/2 keyboard interface
Transfer Rate: 1.2 Mbit per second
Temperature Range: Storage –55º to + 85º C or Operation -40º to + 70º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +/- 5% via USB Keyboard Port
Current consumption: Typical 220 mA (red backlighting)
Weight: 0.94 kg (without carton)
LED Status Indicators: Caps Lock (green)
Key Switch Technology: Individual mechanical switches with gold cross point contacts
Key Travel: 4 +/- 0.5 mm
LED Lifetime: 200,000 hrs (22 yrs continuous on)
Trackball: 16 mm
Trackball Interface: Via PS/2 mouse interface
Agency Approvals: CE/FC