Active Key AK-19C POS Keyboard with Integrated Display Details

A high quality Point of Sale Keyboards with display panel.

The Active Key POS Keyboard with Integrated Display is suitable for use in POS & industrial applications.

Offering long lasting durability, supporting ESC/POS protocol with programmable keys & LED display .

• POS Keyboard
• 50 Million Actuations
• 60 Programmable Keys
• Built in Display

Active Key AK-19C POS Keyboard is ideal as a low cost cashier display replacement.


The Active Key AK-19C/60 Keyboard Series is a reliable Point of Sale Keyboard. The internal metal plate for key fixation guaranties long lasting operation, ESD protection and allows easy replacement of damaged keys.

No application software is required with this Active Key POS Keyboard and data can be retained for no less than 100 years without battery. The Active Key AK-19C Keyboard provides a true keyboard wedge function with or without the normal keyboard connected to the computer.

Featuring integrated 6 position key lock, the integrated display supports ESC/POS protocol and can be used for low cost replacement of the cashiers display. RS232 wedge functionality saves additional RS232 port.


60 Programmable MX Keys
Internal metal plate for key fixation
Relegendable Keycaps
50 million actuations (individual key)
Keyboard wedge function
6 steps Key Lock
Built in Display
Dot Matrix LCD (132x32)
Backlight LED
Display interface RS232 Wedge


Keyboard Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard PS/2 keyboard Temperature Range: Storage –40º C to + 60º or Operation 0º to + 50º
Supply Voltage: 5 Volts via PS/2 interface
Dimensions: 335mm x  170mm x  47mm
Weight: 1,0 Kg
Interface: PS/2
Key Switch Technology: Mechanical MX keys with Gold Cross Point Contact Technology Display Resolution: 132 x 32 dots
Visible Size: 85mm x 20mm
Backlight: LED
Agency Approvals: CE

Part#: AK-19C-PDK6W-y/60: Identifier y = Color B = Black W = Whit