Active Key AK-4450-GFUV Sanitizable Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad Details

This Active Key Keyboard is a quality medical Keyboard - Designed for use with medical & industrial applications.

Active Key Wireless Medical Keyboard features a solid silicone membrane to reduce contamination risks. Allowing thorough surface disinfection & sanitizing.

• High Performance
• Integrated Touchpad
• Easy to Clean
• 5 Million Operation Cycle

Active Key AK-4450-GUV Sanitizable Wireless Keyboard comes with a choice of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-4450GFUV Keyboard is a highly reliable wireless keyboard with notebook style key field and integrated touchpad for use in industry, apparatus, tool and plant construction, server and kiosk as well as healthcare applications.

The large touchpad in the Front allows smooth and precise control of the cursor movement also for untrained operators. The touchpad is maintenance-free and does not contain any wearing parts.
Scissor balancing technology with open slide bearings & keycaps are leveled against all 4 corners and such ensure excellent key guidance and feel, also with excentric actuation. With its closed contact system, resistant to moisture and dust. The flat, sideways slant keys allow for easy cleaning of the key field. For extended protection, use our keyboard versions with fixed silicon membrane.


2.4 GHz wireless transmission
Sealed Notebook Style Keyboard
Integrated Touchpad
Silicon Key Membrane
82 Keys (Scissor Technology)
5 Million Operations per Key
Dirt and Water Proofed
Ideal for Spray/Wipe Sanitizing - IP68 
Maximum tactile feel for true touch typists
No hollow spaces for dirt and bacteria to accumulate
Easy cleaning process with fast drying time
Suitable for most common hospital disinfectant solutions
Personnel safety: No risk of germ proliferation by submersion cleaning
No re-contamination of open surfaces by polluted cleaning fluids flowing off the keyboard
No risk of germ transmission by excess fluids leaking or dripping off the product
No hollow spaces for polluted cleaning fluids to form a nutrient solution and grow bacteria

Hospitals, Healthcare Providers
Industrial Applications
Data Input in Wet Areas


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting USB keyboards
Temperature Range Storage: –40º to + 70º C or Operation 0º to + 70º C
Interface USB: 2.0 low speed (1.2MBit), low power (<100mA) device
Power: 5 V +/-10% (max.60mA) through USB Port
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 64 x 20.5 x 8 mm Specification Keyboard 
Key Switch Technology
Scissor balancing technology
Keyboard Protection Silicon membrane over top part (S-version is also available with IP68) LED Status Indicators: Pair (shows pairing mode is activated), low power (batteries are low) Weight Approx: 695 grams (without packaging, without batteries)
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 283 x 207,5 x 26 mm
Key Travel Approx: 2,5 +/- 0,5 mm
Chemical Resistance: Most common hospital disinfectants chemicals
Touchpad: Integrated into keyboard
Active area: 62 x46 mm 
Agency Approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS
Part#: AK-4450-GFUVS-y/zz

Identifier zz = Country Version US = US English  GE = German
Identifier y = Color W = White  B  = Black