Active Key AK-880 Standard USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard Details

High quality, extremely reliable MSR Keyboards - Ideal for Point of Sale & payment applications in consumer based industries.

Active Key USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard boasts a key module & metal frame to form the base of the matrix, with transmission via key stroke emulation & optional programmable keys.

• POS Keyboard
• Custom Options
• 3 Track MSR
• 104/105 Keys

Active Key AK-S7800D Standard USB MSR Keyboards come in a range of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-880 Keyboard is a unique USB MSR Keyboard in terms of quality and reliability. Featuring Mechanical MX Gold Cross Point Contact key modules with metal frame are the base of the key matrix, providing over 50 million actuations per key.

Active Key AK-880 Standard USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboards are highly durable, enough to last for more than 10 years, even at heavy use and 500 000 read cycles of the MSR fit the same requirement.  MSR code transmission via key stroke emulation and no need for any special software driver allow the usage of this keyboard at all operating systems.

With the Active Key MSR Keyboard, whatever will change on the POS system, the keyboard and the MSR will still work. Storage of all settings and programmed keys are done in the keyboard and do not require any permanent software on the computer,  complete with GUI software for easy programming.


Desktop key layout
104/105 keys
3 track Magnetic Stripe reader
Programmable Headers, Terminators
Non-volatile memory
500 000 read cycles
Mechanical key switches (MX)
Gold Cross Point contact
Microsoft® Windows™ keys
Ergonomic Design


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB
Keyboard Temperature Range: Storage –20º to + 60º C or Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +5/-10 % (max. 100mA via USB Port, Low Power Device)
Dimensions: 470mm x 185mm x 41mm
Weight: 1.43 kilograms 
Interface: USB 1.1 full speed (12 Mbps)
Key Switch Technology: MX (Gold Cross Point Contact) >50 million operations
Magnetic Stripe Reader Compatibility: ISO 7812, IBM Standards, American Drivers License 
Bit Density: Track 1: 210 bpi, Track 2: 75 or 210 bpi, Track 3: 210 bpi 
Read Performance: 10 to 100 cm/s (all 3 tracks)
Agency Approvals: CE, UL, FCC, CSA

Part#: AK-880-U123W-y/z

Identifier y = Color: B = Black
Identifier z  = Country Version: GE = German  UK = UK English

(*For other country versions please contact us on: 01524 770 777)