Active Key AK-S100-35 Programmable POS Keyboard Details

Active Key's Point of Sale Keyboards are suitable for use in POS & industrial applications, offering long lasting durability.

With the Active Key POS Keyboard, each key can be programmed in 8 layers, featuring user defined sequences of codes with 35 programmable in groups of 2 or 4.

• POS Keyboard
• 50 Million Operations
• 35 Keys
• PS/2 or USB

Active Key AK-S100-35 POS Programmable Keyboards are suitable for consumer based industries.


The Active Key AK-S100-zW-35 Keyboard Series is a  highly reliable keypad,developed for use in Point of Sale and industrial applications, in which highest reliability and long life cycle are essential.

Featuring both, MX mechanical key switches and an internal metal plate to provide high stability, guaranteeing a strong robustness function, during the a 10 year + lifetime. The configuration software “MatrixMaker” allows for free programmability of all key positions in up to 8 layers with up to 256 codes & is included with the keypad. 

With the Active Key AK-S100/35 Keyboard no special driver software is required. While the PS/2 & USB versions are compatible with 32bit and 64bit operating systems.


35 Programmable MX Keys
Internal Metal Plate for Key Fixation
Relegendable Keycaps
50 million Actuations per Key
PS/2 or USB Interface available
Non volatile Internal Memory
2 x 1, 2 x 2 Keys available


Compatibility: All systems supporting standard PS/2 or USB keyboards
Temperature Range: Storage –40º C to + 60º or Operation 0º to + 50º
Power Supply: 5 Volts +/-5% via PS/2
Power Supply: 5 Volts +5/-10% via USB interface, current < 100mA  
Interface: PS/2 or USB (depending on version)
Key Switch Technology: MX keys based on Gold Cross Point Technology
Lifetime Individual Key: > 50 million operations
Dimensions: 198mm x  122mm x  45mm
Weight: 0,45 kg
Available Accessories: 2 x 1 keys, 2 x 2 keys
Characteristics: Metal Plate, Internal Memory
Agency Approvals: CE/FCC

Part#: AK-S100-zW-y/35
Identifier z = Interface P = PS/2 U = USB
Identifier y = Color B = Black For other colors please contact us