Active Key AK-S7800D Programmable USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard Details

A desktop USB MSR Keyboard for Point of Sale & payment applications, ideal for consumer based industries.

This Active Key MSR Keyboard features 31 easily programmable keys, allowing quick data input - Useful for customer service points such as; banks, hotels & car rentals etc.

• POS Keyboard
• Reliable
• 3 Track MSR
• 134/135 Keys

The Active Key AK-S7800D Programmable USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboards come in a range of language layouts.


The Active Key
AK-S7800D Keyboard Series is a highly reliable programmable desktop style MSR Keyboard. Featuring 31 programmable keys with relegendable keycaps for easy programing key sequences.

Active Key AK-S7800D Programmable USB Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboards programmable keys and close  numeric block, allow one hand data input with all special functions like “Tab”, control codes, brackets and so on, close by.

Specially designed for customer service points including banks, hotels and car rentals. The
Active Key Programmable Keyboard features an integrated Card Reader, reading Credit Cards as well as the American Drivers License while the numeric pad provides 50 million operations per key.

The Active Key Keyboard also features a USB Down Stream Port at the rear, to allow the connection of other low power (max. 100mA) USB devices. With free GUI software for easy programming of keys and MSR configuration.


Space saving Desktop key Layout
134(US) / 135(Country Versions) Keys
3 track Magnetic Stripe Reader
31 Programmable Keys
31 Relegendable Keycaps
Internal non-volatile Memory
USB Downstream Port at rear
500 000 read cycles (MSR) 


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB keyboard
Temperature range Storage: –20º to + 60º C or Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +5/-10% DC (via USB port) 
Power consumption Max: 500mA, typ. 68mA (no external device connected)
Dimensions: 440mm x 200mm x 45mm
Weight: 1.55 Kilograms
Interface: USB 1.1 full speed (12 Mbps)
Key Switch Technology Numeric Section: MX (Gold Cross Point Contact) >50 million operations
Key switch Technology Main Section: Silver Ink Membrane >10 million operations
Magnetic Stripe Reader Compatibility: ISO 7812, IBM Standards, American Drivers License
Bit Density: Track 1: 210 bpi, Track 2: 75 or 210 bpi, Track 3: 210 bpi
Read Performance: 10 to 100 cm/s (all 3 tracks)
Agency Approvals: CE, FCC

Part#: AK-S7800D-UW-y/xx

Identifier y = Color: B = Black
Identifier xx  = Country Version: US = US International    GE = German 
(*For other country versions please contact us on: 01524 770 777)