EHC Extends Trans-Illuminated Knob Range


EHC - Electronic Hardware Corporation, has extended its range to include ten series of trans-illuminated knobs. These can be produced to meet NVIS 'Green A' requirements, with a range of differing heights, diameters, colours and legends for the avionic sector. EHC also offer design and manufacturing services to meet customer specs with little or no tooling charge.
"We work very closely with customers at the design phase of new equipment, insuring specifications are realised for the least cost," said Steven Sgammato, EHC President. "It is crucial that our products meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for quality and delivery."
Nexus Components and EHC offer just-in-time services to meet the on-going needs of customers. In addition, for both large and small production runs, custom design products are available.
Especially developed for OEM avionics and as replacement parts, EHC knobs are injection moulded, meeting specs for mechanical, electrical, environmental, thermal, and lighting requirements.
For more information on Electronic Hardware Corporation’s products and services, call Nexus Components on 01524 822505.