From Earth to Mars - How we supplied keyboards to The Martian


Everyone wistfully dreams of being on the silver screen, but we at Nexus Components experienced the next best thing when one of our range of industrial keyboards featured in science fiction blockbuster, The Martian. Starring Matt Damon and directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, the film is centred around cutting-edge space tech, so we were obviously delighted to supply all of the rover keyboards that feature in numerous scenes throughout its 141 minute running time.


Below is a brief description of each product in our diverse range of industrial keyboards, including the star of the show, the KIF6000-Bx Series.


KIF6000-Bx Series industrial Illuminated Keyboard


Next time you watch the Martian, look out for the KIF64U4-NR-BR model, a feature-rich medical/Industrial keyboard with a JoyStick Cursor Controller. The physical mouse on this product has a reliable and rugged design with a simple point and click operation. There are no drivers either, so users can just plug in and play. Its backlit, rugged and ergonomic design is also suited for harsh environments, which is perhaps why it was front and centre during Damon’s time on Mars!




KI6800-Bx Series Backlit Keyboard


The KI6800-Bx Series offers standard 101/104 key functionality in a robust and innovative compact footprint, making it ideal for work environments where space and portability are a key consideration. These OEM backlit and sealed keyboards are tough enough to meet medical, aerospace and military standards, while the 2mm key travel and molded silicone rubber keys ensure an excellent tactile feel.

KIO6800-Bx OEM Backlit Keyboard


The KIO6800-Bx Series combines full backlighting and a compact footprint with CTI’s OrbitalMouse pointer. The mouse, located at the bottom right of the KIO6800-Bx, adds the functionality and ergonomics of a touchpad. Its drift free button style operation and molded silicone rubber finish make it easy to use and durable.


KIO7800-Bx Series OEM Illuminated Keyboard


The KIO6800-Bx Series has all the functionality of the KI6800-Bx and KIO6800-Bx along with the addition of twelve function keys and a separate numeric keypad. The patented compact footprint is well suited to custom panel installations. There is a choice between either green or red LED backlighting, each with ten levels of intensity for use in work spaces with low level lighting.


KI6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard


The KI6000-Bx Series are waterproof mini keyboards packaged in an anodised aluminum enclosure. They can be mounted quickly and easily using the sealed threaded holes and screws, while rubber feet allow this model to besafely mounted on any surface. Gasket sealing and robust casing protects the illuminated keyboard. Ideal for environments where equipment may be exposed to extreme conditions.


KIO6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard


The KIO6000-Bx Series has an Orbital Mouse and full sized key functionality in an innovative small footprint. The low travel moulded silicone rubber elastomer keys, gold over nickel contacts, and superior sealing combine to create a tactile feel. Perfect for long lasting operation in a range of tough work environments.


KIO7000-Bx Series Industrial Illuminated Keyboard


The KIO7000-Bx Series are sealed illuminated keyboards. The separate numeric keypad and twelve function keys are ideal for data input in challenging environments with poor lighting Robust and durable, the KIO7000-Bx can be purchased with a stainless steel enclosure.


KIT6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard with Trackball


The KIT6000-Bx Series has a 1.3 inch trackball mouse pointer for increased comfort and ease of use. There is a rugged enclosure with gasket sealed bottom plate and threaded holes for optional mounting, plus the compact and full key functionality found in all of our illuminated industrial keyboards.