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WHEN choosing a medical grade keyboard, the first priority has to be cleanliness. The ability to guard meticulously against infection and bacterial growth has to take the lead in a workplace where cleanliness is vital.

But what about comfort? With clean room keyboards, you can be stuck between a rock and a hard place - hammering away at a flat, uncomfortable surface or concerned about germs lurking in the gaps around the keys.

We’ve found a solution - a keyboard with a sealed silicon membrane over the key field, which feels so satisfying to use that you’ll find yourself trying to justify buying one for your home computer.

The AK-C7000 is a top-calibre hygiene keyboard. It provides all the infection protection and minimisation of risk you need, but it feels like a real keyboard. The keys travel similarly to a laptop. The seamless silicon membrane protects against cross-contamination, germ transmission and the formation of bacterial biofilms, whilst also feeling incredibly pleasant to use.


For a keyboard to feel right, the keys need to strike. Waterproof keyboards with a completely flat surface may be easy to clean, but without the feedback of the keys striking, using them can be uncomfortable and frustrating.

But if the keys have depth, that leads to gaps - and gaps mean germs. One option is to use a water protected keyboard - which feels similar to a regular keyboard but can be cleaned with disinfectant.

There’s a drawback, however. The keyboard can drip or leak the fluid, which can form bacterial biofilms - the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Washing the keyboard can actually make things worse, by flushing hidden bacteria up to the surface.

The ActiveKey can be wiped and disinfected thoroughly, and it’s easy to turn off the keys in order to do this by just pressing two keys. The integrated, waterproof sealing of the keys means that cleaning fluid won’t collect in any crevices.

In short, it’s the perfect fit in hospitals, laboratories, clean rooms, food manufacturers, and industrial environments - anywhere that hygiene is critical.

It also has an optional backlit key field for operation in poor light - another feature adding to its ease of use in dimly-lit or night-time environments.

For more information about the ActiveKey and medical grade keyboards, contact us at Nexus on 01524 770 777.

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