SOME of the most innovative electronic controls being produced in the world will now be available to buy in the UK and Ireland for the first time.


US-based Ruffy controls - one of the most exciting new companies in the global market - will be supplying its range of joysticks and related controls exclusively in the UK and Ireland through UK firm Nexus Components.


Ruffy’s innovative and adaptable products, coupled with Nexus Components’ experience in working from design to end product, offer clients the opportunity for fully customised solutions using the very latest technology.


The California-based manufacturing firm Ruffy Controls only began in 2013, but it is already an emerging leader in the electronic controls sector, producing cutting-edge products with a wide variety of different options allowing them to be fully adapted to specific needs.


Nexus Components is based in the North West of England. Its work with partners including OTTO, Marquardt and EHC has gained the company a growing reputation for first class service and excellence in electronic and electrical components and bespoke cable and wiring.


Efficient production and stock planning means that lead times can be kept to a minimum.


Currently, Ruffy Controls has a network of distributors across 29 states in the USA, and and overseas distributor in Israel. Nexus Components is proud to have joined the network of distributors that Ruffy trusts to provide its products.

Nexus Components is an ISO-approved, family-owned business offering high quality solutions to clients seeking top-calibre products and design expertise.

Nexus supplies electronic and electrical components including high quality switches, keyboards, joysticks, grips, control knobs, touch screens and solid state relays to industries including manufacturing, transport, agricultural and construction.

Other products supplied include OTTO, Marquardt, CTS, ZaGO, CTI and Sure Grip controls.

Ruffy designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of joysticks and related controllers, which are used in a huge range of industries. Products include HED series USB desktop camera controllers, fingertip hall effect joysticks, fully sealed joysticks for use in sterile or hazardous environments, and ambidextrous USB desktop controllers.

Ruffy full range here:



For more information contact Nexus on 01524 770777