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Snap action switches have been used in working environments, applications and products for more than 80 years. The first snap switches were basic components designed to store energy in a spring and then channel this energy to transfer a moveable contact via a snap action. The same design principles are still used today, though the tech has been upgraded and perfected during the intervening decades.


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association defines a snap action switch as a “mechanically operated electric switch having pre-determined and accurately-controlled characteristics, and having contacts where the maximum separation between any butting contact is 1/8 inch.”


Advantages of snap action


Snap action switch technology has proven to be the best solution for simple switch mechanics despite the continued march of technological advances and improvements. It has stood the test of time largely because it consistently works in an intuitive manner, even in the most of demanding of environments. Other benefits include:


      Robust and rugged design offers long mechanical life

      Mechanical life exceeds alternative technologies

      Various materials and casings provide the flexibility modern enterprises need

      Snap action switches can be completely sealed and waterproofed

      Changes in temperature and electronic interference do not affect operation

      Can be operated without an auxiliary power


Marquardt 1115 and 1117 Series


You will get all the benefits of snap action switches with our 1115 and 1117 Series. Both of these products are single pole snap action switches. They offer switching capabilities up to 16 amps at 250 voltage, while the actuator present on both (which is operated by the stored energy and controls the switch mechanism), moves in most directions for easy use in a range of different opening and closing applications. The 1115 and 1117 Series can also be purchased with different contact configurations to suit your requirements. Each of these contacts are terminated by 6.3mm Quick Connect or Fast Connect terminals.


Uses and applications


Marquardt 1115 and 1117 switches are commonly used in medical equipment, catering products and household items, but are also ideal for any application where precision measurement is required. These include:


      Baseboard heating

      Boiler controls


      Medical devices

      Vending machines

      Whirlpool tubs



Operation and measurement


Our products can be used to switch and control high voltage and current loads directly without the use of components such as relays. They can use measurements relating to pressure, position detection and temperature in operation. Temperature is the most common sensing element, and here a switch can be used with thermostat controls to turn on or shut off heating if it becomes too cold or hot. Snap action switches can also be used to turn the power on and off when opening a door, or to disengage the clutch on a lawn mower for user safety.


Excellent design and experience


Marquardt have been manufacturing switches and other components for more than 50 years. Marquardt have processes in place that ensure compliance while delivering the highest quality products for clients across the globe. You can trust Nexus to supply high quality components that will meet your needs and requirements.