Ruffy Controls FNR series


We’re focusing this week on the Ruffy Controls FNR series - a miniature, single axis, three position hall-effect switch.

This is a precision joystick for applications including agriculture, marine, medical, commercial, CCTV operation and the automotive industry.

Reliable, precise, long-lasting, and able to operate in difficult conditions, the FNR has all the innovation that we expect from a Ruffy product.
Hall effect switches are much more reliable than mechanical switches, and don’t suffer from contact bounce. Constructed from a thin sheet of conductive material, the hall effect is an ideal sensing technology.

The Hall effect was discovered by Dr. Edwin Hall in 1879. He found that when a current-carrying conductor is placed into a magnetic field, a voltage will be generated perpendicular to both the current and the field.

But his work was years ahead of its time, and no-one had a clue how to apply it outside the world of theoretical physics. It was not until over 70 years later, when semiconducting materials such as silicon were becoming better understood, that its first practical uses started to be found.

Hall effect sensors can now be found in all kinds of everyday devices and machines - from car ignitions to keyboards, sewing machines to factory robots. Hall effect sensors are tiny, robust, easy to use and very reliable. And, of course, they make excellent joysticks.

As the sensor in a hall effect switch is contained in a sealed environment, it is not affected by environmental contaminants, so can be used under severe conditions.

With a rating of IP67 above panel, the Ruffy FNR is extremely rugged: protected from dust, and against the effects of immersion in water to a depth between 15 cm and 1 meter.

Being a hall effect switch also means the FNR benefits from a broad temperature range. The switch tolerates operating temperatures from 0°F TO 140°F (-17.7°C to 60°C) and can be stored at temperatures from -40°F TO 160°F (-40°C to 71°C).

Rather than buying off-the-shelf, the FNR can be custom build according to need.
The housing can be metal or plastic threaded, there are three electrical output options, and a choice of limiters.

It is truly solid state technology, with a long life, highly repeatable operation. The FNR has an expected cycle life of 3 million full forward to full back operations.

Its angle of movement is 50° (25° in each direction); it has a maximum vertical load of 67.5 lbF and a maximum horizontal load of 50 lbF.

The plastic housing is mineral and glass filled nylon, the metal housing is gold anodized aluminium, and the boot and actuators are made of silicone.

Ruffy products are sold in the UK and Ireland exclusively by Nexus Components, and the range of options available with their products means that you can source a bespoke item that works perfectly for your application. Nexus offers full support, working from your technical specification, to ensure high quality design and build.
It’s also not an item you’ll have to wait too long for - as Ruffy Controls are committed to slashing the months-long lead times buyers have come to expect. So now you can order a custom joystick to your exact specifications and have it with you within weeks.,%203%20Position%20Hall%20Effect%20Switch