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Industrial Keyboards, Trackerballs, Sealed Switches and Joysticks from CTI Electronics

CTI Electronics is a 25+ year old Connecticut-based company specialising in the manufacture of the highest quality industrial operator input devices. CTI are known for providing highly rugged and reliable human machine interface (HMI) products capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, sealed from contaminants, and highly resistant to hazardous elements. Their HMI devices include industrial keyboards, mouse pointing devices, industrial joysticks, mil-grade trackballs, motion controllers, and IP66 sealed switches. Utilising a unique modular design, CTI are ready to offer customized HMI solutions with fast prototype turnarounds to full production.

Typically CTI Electronics provide solutions to OEM's, commercial end users and Systems Integrators across industries as diverse as military, medical, agricultural/off-road equipment, aerospace and industrial processing.

CTI Electronics guarantee future availability of its HMI devices by designing and manufacturing its own sensor technology. In utilising this innovative technology, CTI are able to promise that their HMI devices meet the harshest requirements, and guarantee the durability and reliability of the HMI devices for long-term functionality.

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CTI Keyboards