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Nov,30 2017 at 1:02 PM

SOME of the most innovative electronic controls being produced in the world will now be available to buy in the UK and Ireland for the first time.


US-based Ruffy controls - one of the most exciting new companies in the global market - will be supplying its range of joysticks and related controls exclusively in the UK and Ireland through UK firm Nexus Components.


Ruffy’s innovative and adaptable products, coupled with Nexus Components’ experience in working from design to end product, offer clients the opportunity for fully customised solutions using the very latest technology.


The California-based manufacturing firm Ruffy Controls only began in 2013, but it is already an emerging leader in the electronic controls sector, producing cutting-edge products with a wide variety of different options allowing them to be fully adapted to specific needs.


Nexus Components is based in the North West of England. Its work with partners including OTTO, Marquardt and EHC has gained the company a growing reputation for first class service and excellence in electronic and electrical components and bespoke cable and wiring.


Efficient production and stock planning means that lead times can be kept to a minimum.


Currently, Ruffy Controls has a network of distributors across 29 states in the USA, and and overseas distributor in Israel. Nexus Components is proud to have joined the network of distributors that Ruffy trusts to provide its products.





Nexus Components is an ISO-approved, family-owned business offering high quality solutions to clients seeking top-calibre products and design expertise.

Nexus supplies electronic and electrical components including high quality switches, keyboards, joysticks, grips, control knobs, touch screens and solid state relays to industries including manufacturing, transport, agricultural and construction.

Other products supplied include OTTO, Marquardt, CTS, ZaGO, CTI and Sure Grip controls.

Ruffy designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of joysticks and related controllers, which are used in a huge range of industries. Products include HED series USB desktop camera controllers, fingertip hall effect joysticks, fully sealed joysticks for use in sterile or hazardous environments, and ambidextrous USB desktop controllers.



For more information contact Nexus on 01524 770777


Marquardt door action switch
Oct,20 2017 at 4:03 PM


Snap action switches have been used in working environments, applications and products for more than 80 years. The first snap switches were basic components designed to store energy in a spring and then channel this energy to transfer a moveable contact via a snap action. The same design principles are still used today, though the tech has been upgraded and perfected during the intervening decades.


The National Electrical Manufacturers Association defines a snap action switch as a “mechanically operated electric switch having pre-determined and accurately-controlled characteristics, and having contacts where the maximum separation between any butting contact is 1/8 inch.”


Advantages of snap action


Snap action switch technology has proven to be the best solution for simple switch mechanics despite the continued march of technological advances and improvements. It has stood the test of time largely because it consistently works in an intuitive manner, even in the most of demanding of environments. Other benefits include:


      Robust and rugged design offers long mechanical life

      Mechanical life exceeds alternative technologies

      Various materials and casings provide the flexibility modern enterprises need

      Snap action switches can be completely sealed and waterproofed

      Changes in temperature and electronic interference do not affect operation

      Can be operated without an auxiliary power


Marquardt 1115 and 1117 Series


You will get all the benefits of snap action switches with our 1115 and 1117 Series. Both of these products are single pole snap action switches. They offer switching capabilities up to 16 amps at 250 voltage, while the actuator present on both (which is operated by the stored energy and controls the switch mechanism), moves in most directions for easy use in a range of different opening and closing applications. The 1115 and 1117 Series can also be purchased with different contact configurations to suit your requirements. Each of these contacts are terminated by 6.3mm Quick Connect or Fast Connect terminals.


Uses and applications


Marquardt 1115 and 1117 switches are commonly used in medical equipment, catering products and household items, but are also ideal for any application where precision measurement is required. These include:


      Baseboard heating

      Boiler controls


      Medical devices

      Vending machines

      Whirlpool tubs



Operation and measurement


Our products can be used to switch and control high voltage and current loads directly without the use of components such as relays. They can use measurements relating to pressure, position detection and temperature in operation. Temperature is the most common sensing element, and here a switch can be used with thermostat controls to turn on or shut off heating if it becomes too cold or hot. Snap action switches can also be used to turn the power on and off when opening a door, or to disengage the clutch on a lawn mower for user safety.


Excellent design and experience


Marquardt have been manufacturing switches and other components for more than 50 years. Marquardt have processes in place that ensure compliance while delivering the highest quality products for clients across the globe. You can trust Nexus to supply high quality components that will meet your needs and requirements.

P9 Switches
Oct,03 2017 at 10:01 AM

The P9 is our most popular electromechanical switch as it can be used in a range of panels in commercial and industrial applications. You can expect components that work day in, day out even in the most demanding of environments with complimentary latching and momentary options. Its features include:

The P9 is our most popular electromechanical switch as it can be used in a range of panels in commercial and industrial applications. You can expect components that work day in, day out even in the most demanding of environments with complimentary latching and momentary options. Its features include:

      Flush and raised dome button styles with either a matte or gloss finish

      Small bezel option

      Double break or shorting bar to prevent shock hazard

      Momentary action and Latching options.

      Housing and button constructed entirely from plastic

      Mounting via threaded body or snap-in panel

      Ability to withstand extreme vibration and shock

      Sealing to IP68S


Supplier benefits


We have been designing and manufacturing control switches for 56 years. Our RF Design Engineering capabilities, onsite A2LA Accredited Testing Laboratory and computer production line testing ensure the highest manufacturing standards. We also have corporate certifications including Global Recognised Aerospace Quality System Accreditation (AS9100-2009) and North American FAA Repair Station Accreditation (Far Part 145), and product complaint certifications including ATEX/IECEx and FAA/PMA. Our vertically integrated manufacturing continues to supply and satisfy clients across the globe.


P9 Dome series


The P9 Dome Series switch has a similar shape and style to our P7-D series pushbutton, but it differentiates itself with its plastic housing construction and the option of a shorting bar contact arrangement in addition to the standard double break. It is also possible to tailor the function and form of the P9 by opting for either a raised button or flush button profile and standard or small bezel versions. This flexibility allows the P9 to be installed in different applications for use in a range of working environments.


Robust and long-lasting


When combined with the excellent electrical and mechanical performance and shallow panel depth, the P9 Dome Series is capable of operating in the most severe conditions. Its robust build is aided by a moisture-proof and dust-tight sealed construction, which has an electrical life of 25,000 operations for inductive loads found in most electronic devices and resistive loads common in electrical products and other applications that produce heat and motion. You can also add a watertight seal using the intuitive part builder on our website.


Common uses


The P9 Dome Series is designed for use in circumstances where a quality-precision, rugged and sleek pushbutton switch is required. Applications include panels, computers, control grips and heavy equipment. The snap action variant of the P9 also provides positive tactile feedback, so the operator knows when the switch is depressed. All our P9 models deliver low contact resistance due to their unique design and high contact pressure makeup. It is also possible to opt for either PC Pin, 0.100” Quick Connect and Solder Termination options.


Part builder


We understand that you need a P9 switch to suit your specific requirements. That is why we have the P9 Catalogue PDF, Standard Switch Guide and Pushbutton Switch Selection Guide to inform and educate you about our industry-leading pushbutton switches. We have also developed a part builder so you can build a bespoke P9 switch tailored for your applications. You can select between different terminal styles, circuit forms, switch actions, case and bezel colours and button colours.

From Earth to Mars - How we supplied keyboards to The Martian
Sep,21 2017 at 10:19 AM


From Earth to Mars - How we supplied keyboards to The Martian




Everyone wistfully dreams of being on the silver screen, but we at Nexus Components experienced the next best thing when one of our range of industrial keyboards featured in science fiction blockbuster, The Martian. Starring Matt Damon and directed by the legendary Ridley Scott, the film is centred around cutting-edge space tech, so we were obviously delighted delighted to supply all of the rover keyboards that feature in numerous scenes throughout its 141 minute running time.


Below is a brief description of each product in our diverse range of industrial keyboards, including the star of the show, the KIF6000-Bx Series.


KIF6000-Bx Series industrial Illuminated Keyboard


Next time you watch the Martian, look out for the KIF64U4-NR-BR model, a feature-rich medical/Industrial keyboard with a JoyStick Cursor Controller. The physical mouse on this product has a reliable and rugged design with a simple point and click operation. There are no drivers either, so users can just plug in and play. Its backlit, rugged and ergonomic design is also suited for harsh environments, which is perhaps why it was front and centre during Damon’s time on Mars!




KI6800-Bx Series Backlit Keyboard


The KI6800-Bx Series offers standard 101/104 key functionality in a robust and innovative compact footprint, making it ideal for work environments where space and portability are a key consideration. These OEM backlit and sealed keyboards are tough enough to meet medical, aerospace and military standards, while the 2mm key travel and molded silicone rubber keys ensure an excellent tactile feel.



KIO6800-Bx OEM Backlit Keyboard


The KIO6800-Bx Series combines full backlighting and a compact footprint with CTI’s OrbitalMouse pointer. The mouse, located at the bottom right of the KIO6800-Bx, adds the functionality and ergonomics of a touchpad. Its drift free button style operation and molded silicone rubber finish make it easy to use and durable.


KIO7800-Bx Series OEM Illuminated Keyboard


The KIO6800-Bx Series has all the functionality of the KI6800-Bx and KIO6800-Bx along with the addition of twelve function keys and a separate numeric keypad. The patented compact footprint is well suited to custom panel installations. There is a choice between either green or red LED backlighting, each with ten levels of intensity for use in work spaces with low level lighting.


KI6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard


The KI6000-Bx Series are waterproof mini keyboards packaged in an anodised aluminum enclosure. They can be mounted quickly and easily using the sealed threaded holes and screws, while rubber feet allow this model to besafely mounted on any surface. Gasket sealing and robust casing protects the illuminated keyboard. Ideal for environments where equipment may be exposed to extreme conditions.


KIO6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard


The KIO6000-Bx Series has an Orbital Mouse and full sized key functionality in an innovative small footprint. The low travel moulded silicone rubber elastomer keys, gold over nickel contacts, and superior sealing combine to create a tactile feel. Perfect for long lasting operation in a range of tough work environments.


KIO7000-Bx Series Industrial Illuminated Keyboard


The KIO7000-Bx Series are sealed illuminated keyboards. The separate numeric keypad and twelve function keys are ideal for data input in challenging environments with poor lighting Robust and durable, the KIO7000-Bx can be purchased with a stainless steel enclosure.


KIT6000-Bx Series Industrial Backlit Keyboard with Trackball


The KIT6000-Bx Series has a 1.3 inch trackball mouse pointer for increased comfort and ease of use. There is a rugged enclosure with gasket sealed bottom plate and threaded holes for optional mounting, plus the compact and full key functionality found in all of our illuminated industrial keyboards.










EHC Extends Trans-Illuminated Knob Range
Jul,17 2012 at 3:17 PM


EHC - Electronic Hardware Corporation, has extended its range to include ten series of trans-illuminated knobs. These can be produced to meet NVIS 'Green A' requirements, with a range of differing heights, diameters, colours and legends for the avionic sector. EHC also offer design and manufacturing services to meet customer specs with little or no tooling charge.
"We work very closely with customers at the design phase of new equipment, insuring specifications are realised for the least cost," said Steven Sgammato, EHC President. "It is crucial that our products meet or exceed our customer’s expectations for quality and delivery."
Nexus Components and EHC offer just-in-time services to meet the on-going needs of customers. In addition, for both large and small production runs, custom design products are available.
Especially developed for OEM avionics and as replacement parts, EHC knobs are injection moulded, meeting specs for mechanical, electrical, environmental, thermal, and lighting requirements.
For more information on Electronic Hardware Corporation’s products and services, call Nexus Components on 01524 822505.


EHC launches Pole Clamp Assemblies
Jul,12 2012 at 1:49 PM


With over 50 years of engineering and manufacturing expertise, EHC introduce their new pole clamps.
A tailored solution, aimed at the Medical sector, the pole clamps are ideal for medical infusion systems, IV systems, drug delivery systems and general equipment mounting.
Able to work in partnership with customers, Nexus and EHC’s engineers can offer custom mounting solutions based upon your needs.
EHC’s capabilities:
*             Custom Components & Assemblies
*             Plastic and Metal Mechanical Devices
*             Value Added Engineering, Manufacturing, & Assembly
About Electronic Hardware Corp, Inc:
Founded more than 50 years ago, EHC continues to provide just-in-time (JIT) programs to meet customers' on-going requirements. Custom designed knobs, pole clamps and handles are available for large or small quantity production runs. The company also designs and produces to meet customer specifications and needs with little or no tooling cost. EHC is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer of transilluminated knobs. Company services include engineering development and design, prototyping, injection molding and secondary finishing plus assembly.

New Off-Road Vehicle Switches from Marquardt
Jul,04 2012 at 1:17 PM




The New Switch Series 3250 for Off-Road Vehicles

[RIETHEIM-WEILHEIM] MARQUARDT, the manufacturer of switches and switching systems, is launching a new rocker switch series. This series is especially designed for application in Off-Road Vehicles. With the IP 66 and IP 68 environmental protection it is designed for use in harsh surroundings. The unique snap action switching concept is superior to the competition and already millions of times approved within the automotive industry.
The new rocker switch series 3250 impresses with its robust technology. With its high dust- and water protection (up to IP 66 and IP 68) it is very well situated in harsh environments. The switch is equipped with up to two independent snap action switching systems. The contacts perform a relative movement during the switching process. Due to this, the contacts are self cleaning or even will break light weldings.
With its wide range of performance, from signal loads from as low as 0,5 mA up to 20 A at 12 VDC or 24VDC the new switch is appropriate for all kind of applications in a vehicle cabin for example lamps, window lifter, all type of fans or blowers or servo motors. The high life endurance of more than 500.000 mechanical actuations is a further proof for the high reliability.
All required switching functions are feasible for the new switch. Up to four integrated LEDs allow an individual combination of background and function illumination. Thanks to painting in different colours and laser etching of different symbols of the variable rocker cap, an attractive and individual design can be realized. Special features like the locking function that avoids accidental actuation of critical functions and accessories like multiple assembly frames, indication lamps and hole plugs in switch design, as well as connectors and timers complete the portfolio.
For easy and clear handling of the variety of all combination possibilities you can find the product configurator for the MARQUARDT switch series 3250 under The entire product features can explicitly and quickly be defined. In addition a data sheet, conform to each configuration, can be generated. In a further step all the generated configurations can be directly inquired. Within a short time an individual quotation to the switch selection will be generated.
Decades of experience within the automotive industry makes the new MARQUARDT product series 3250 the right solution for your application.
(Article provided by Marquardt GmbH.)



EHC Welcomes Nexus as UK Distributor
Jun,14 2012 at 1:42 PM

With a view to expanding their presence in the UK and Europe, Electronic Hardware Corp – one of the leading knob manufacturers in the world - has selected Nexus Components Ltd as their new distributor.

The New York-based manufacturer provides the USA’s largest range of control knobs and handles to industries including Aero, Audio, Broadcast, Medical, Agricultural, Military, White Goods and Lawn Care. 
Leveraging a 50-year track record, EHC offer top quality hardware components and custom capabilities including initial concept development, an almost unlimited injection moulding capacity, die casting capability and CNC machining.
The impressive product range also includes transilluminated knobs for backlit applications.
Nexus Director Martin Tomlinson said, “The fantastic product range offered by EHC perfectly complements our current portfolio and we are thrilled to be taking the prestigious EHC brand into the UK and European markets.”
About EHC
In business for over 50 years, EHC is a manufacturer of quality hardware components including a full range of industrial, military and aerospace control knobs and custom components. An ISO9001 registered company, EHC has manufacturing facilities in the United States and China and is headquartered in Farmingdale, New York.

Marquardt Switches - Now Available On-Line!
Jun,13 2012 at 12:35 PM

Marquardt have launched their ‘Web Shop’, through which customers can buy Marquardt products on-line in low volumes to avoid MOQ’s. Nexus are delighted to be working in partnership on the project.

Web Shop offers you several options:

  • Click on Products, Product Family and Series to get to the product you are looking for.
  • Click on Product Search by Features to find relevant products.
  • Search by part number if you already know it.
  • UK customers select Nexus.
  • Pay by Paypal.

The Web Shop can be found at

Nexus partners with Touch International
Mar,29 2011 at 3:43 PM

Prolific American touch screen manufacturer, Touch International, and Nexus Components Ltd are now working in partnership to develop the UK touch screen market. Nexus offer the complete product range and technical support for UK manufacturers.

The hi-tech product range boasts resistive and capacitive touch panels, including state-of-the-art projected capacitive technologies.
Touch International’s exceptional products can currently be found in numerous markets including military, aero, gaming, vending machines, signature capture and medical.
“NEXUS Components is thrilled to have secured the rights to distribute touch screens from Touch International” said Director Steve Griffiths. “The cutting edge technology from Touch International sits comfortably within our existing product range and we are already seeing significant interest from our customers.”
Touch International CEO Michael Woolstrum added, “We are excited to partner with Nexus Components Ltd. and look forward to a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.”
About Touch International: Formed in 2002 by Michael Woolstrum and Gary Barrett in Austin, Texas, Touch International operates seven manufacturing sites globally and has 1,200 employees. They are a world leader in the design and manufacture of touch screens.

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