Rugged, sealed switches from OTTO

Sealed switchesWith over 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing switches for demanding environments, OTTO offer an unmatched range of highly rugged sealed switches, with high reliability giving new possibilities to your applications.

Sealed switches are available in a range of finishes, with multiple sealing grades up to IP68, and incorporating electro-mechanical and hall-effect technologies, this range of sealed switches is suitable for numerous applications where the environmental demands are high.

Specialising in pushbutton switches, thumbwheels, trim switches, sealed switches, rotary switches, key lock switches and toggle switches – the range is truly exceptional. Many are also available illuminated, and with special accessories such as flip guards.

Typical markets include agricultural, military, aero, marine, medical, automotive, construction, material handling plus many others.

Our sales team will be delighted to offer a complete overview of the range. To identify the right OTTO switch for your application, call us on 01524 770777.

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