NKK Switches

nkk switches uk Manufacturing high quality switches for over 50 years, NKK has a range with electrical ratings from 3A to 50A with wide temperature ranges for the toughest environments to suit many applications. Now available from Nexus Components UK.

The range of NKK switches are used for markets ranging from broadcast, audio, transportation, industrial, medical, telecoms, construction, agricultural and military.

The sealed switches are rated upto IP67. These NKK switches are well suited to applications where heat, humidity and exposure to the elements are concerned.

OLED switches, tact switches, rotary switches, and membrane keypads complete this portfolio of first class products, available now from Nexus components.

OLED Switches

State of the art OLED switches ? NKK Switches are the market leaders in this field. Utilising organic LED technology, offering 30,000 hours of life and a range of 65,536 colours in 16 bit mode and 256 colours in 8 bit mode. These impressively stylish switches serve up high resolutions and sharp definitions on even the smallest images. And for scrolling menu functions, NKK now offer an OLED rocker switch ? one switch for multiple functions and a programmable menu.

Audio Switches

NKK Switches are at the leading edge in the design of switches and controls for the audio market with illuminated pushbuttons, toggle switches, rocker switches and rotary switches all on offer. Their Pro Audio range, which includes OLED switches, is one of the most eye-catching available.

nkk switches uk