ZaGO switch boots, sealing screws and sealing nuts

ZaGO switch boots uk ZaGO, in the UK from Nexus Components. Since 1993, ZaGO has been an industry leader in sealing products for switch security and fastener products globally across a range of industries. From existing products to new custom designs, the company?s engineering staff work hard to deliver economic solutions on time and budget.

Headquartered in Newark, New Jersey, ZaGO offers a wide range of sealing products. Rubber switch boots and crystal seals protect the most sensitive of electronic switches and sealing screws and sealing nuts with supreme sealing and strength. All products are designed to extend the life of electromechanical equipment by protecting them from moisture, dirt, oil, chemical and other harsh elements.

The rubber switch boots are available for toggle, push button and rotary switches. The crystal seals are used on rocker switches, circuit breakers and multi-switch panel covers.

The rubber switch boots, crystal seals, sealing screws and sealing nuts cover a wide spectrum of applications and the markets serviced include food processing, industrial, medical, catering, agricultural/construction machinery, automotive, marine, aerospace and military.

For all your sealing requirements to protect electrical and electronic devices all around the world, Nexus Components can help you source exactly what you need. As the lead supplier of ZaGO sealing products in the UK and Ireland, Nexus Components is ready to deliver to you the finest engineered sealing solutions that are currently available.

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ZaGO switch boots uk